Medical cannabis can treat children for symptoms of neurodegeneration

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In Australia, a truly unusual medical research is being carried out to examine the potential use of the so-called medical cannabis to combat various behavioral problems in children suffering from certain neurodegenerative diseases or mental disorders. It is worth noting that about a year ago, medical cannabis was officially approved as part of certain types of drugs and therapies aimed at improving the behavioral characteristics of adults with these diseases, so that it can become just as effective for children.

At least, the team of researchers from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Sydney believes it, where it conducts preliminary tests on children aged from eight to sixteen with the permission of their parents – it is worth noting, however, that this is not so much about cannabis as about a particular cannabinoid called canabidiol. It was this compound that was tested about a year ago by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FSC) after the substance gave positive results in treating symptoms and behavioral negative patterns in adults suffering from neurogeneration or mental disorders.

It is worth noting that so far the experiment is in the initial phase and is designed to administer a very small and control volume of canabidiol to children – however, already now preliminary results cannot but be encouraging, since improvements in their behavioral characteristics are already noticeable.

It is worth noting that the use of canabidiol becomes a really interesting and promising approach in the treatment and relief of many of the symptoms of mental illness, but experts from Australia are primarily interested in producing parallel control studies to maximize the information on the experiments. Since this may give a lot of new surprises in the future.

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