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Feel like losing your head? No problem, just print yourself a new one. At Oxford Performance Materials (OPM), the US state of Connecticut, this has already happened. A 3D printer was invented. With 3D printing technology and with the approval of the US regulatory authorities, 75 percent of the skull was replaced by one patient. The approval was received on February 18, 2013, the first surgical operation has already passed on March 4.

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3D-printed implants can replace the bones of the skull of people damaged as a result of illness or injury, reports Oxford Performance Materials. Implants are made of high strength biomedical polymer. It began to be used in 2006, when replacing the beak of a injured bald eagle. The polymer can also be sold as a raw material or semi-finished product.
DeFelice has already successfully sold 3D-printed implants abroad. This company serves only contract manufacturers. A decision made by the US Department of Health opened the door for implant surgery.
The 3D printer first scans the desired body part, then prints the corresponding 3D object layer by layer. Precise manufacturing technology allows you to print a tiny surface. The edges of the parts take root and begin to stimulate the growth of new cells.

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According to calculations, DeFelice per month can provide implants from 300 to 500 people. Patients can be people with cancer of the bones of the skull, victims of car accidents, as well as military personnel suffering from head injuries.
DeFelice proposes to start producing 3D-printed bone replacements for all parts of the human body. This idea was, like the previous one, supported by the ministry and the company began making 3D-printed bones for FDA approval.
President of the company DeFelice is joking "If you always wanted to fill the void of someone's head, now you have such an opportunity!"

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