Measles virus can reset the immune system to childhood

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Measles virus. 3D illustration showing structure of measles virus with surface glycoprotein spikes heamagglutinin-neuraminidase and fusion protein

Two new studies by several United States team of experts regarding the real threat of measles virus have decided that in fact this disease is much more dangerous than it seemed at first glance – and especially for adults. The fact is that studies concern the examination and study of the relationship between the work of individual antibodies and the influence of measles virus on various areas of the immune system. According to preliminary data, measles virus actually has a much more dangerous effect in the long term on the human immune system than was commonly believed.

American scientists and researchers agreed that measles virus can be dangerous in the first place by its ability to infect certain groups of antibodies, designed to deal effectively not only with the measles virus itself, but with other diseases of a viral nature. In addition, measles virus can not only change the mechanics of antibodies, but also completely paralyze them, thereby actually stopping the immune system from constantly producing them.

In addition, after conducting some additional tests, experts came to the conclusion that measles has the ability to literally reload and reset the immune system of an adult to the child’s immune system, due to the ability to destroy antibodies. Thus, the potential danger of the greatest order lies in the fact that an adult can find himself with a much more vulnerable immune system, and thus can not fight with other diseases and viruses.

In addition, scientists point to a problem such as increased skepticism regarding measles vaccination among certain social categories of the population – partial or complete refusal of vaccination significantly increases the chances of an adult in the future faced with such devastating features of measles virus. So very soon, scientists will conduct an additional statistical analysis regarding how this trend affects measles development.

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