Mars can help develop new drugs.

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Experts from the Leiden Institute of Biology in Germany are currently engaged in a rather interesting and unusual experiment, trying to reproduce new properties of a bacterium directed against other more dangerous bacteria – the project focuses on the development and use of an antiviral bacterium that could form the basis of new antibiotics for the future . But what is most interesting is the emphasis on the use of this bacterium under the conditions of the colonization of Mars, since experts realize that humanity will reach the Red Planet sooner or later, and therefore will need remedies.

The fact is that the atmosphere of Mars has a fairly large and pronounced concentration of perchlorates – especially toxic chemicals that are dangerous to the human body, which are the main threat and difficulty in the gradual colonization of the planet. However, scientists from Germany have attempted to create a special antiviral bacterium that can literally spread perchlorate compounds to oxygen and chlorine, thereby neutralizing them and at the same time preparing the basis for creating something more effective for combating antibiotics.

However, they also needed to test the behavior and properties of the bacterium under weightless conditions, and therefore placed it in a simulation chamber, where the position inside almost resembles zero gravity – despite the fact that so far there are no specific results from the new experiment, it becomes clear that the project is for sure deserve the highest level of publicity and attention from other scientists.

In addition, in the fight against strong and resistant viruses, it becomes quite difficult to resort to common variants of medicines and antibiotics, for the simple reason that they somehow have their own limitations – and therefore experts continue to experiment with their antiviral bacteria, which is responsible for hope.

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