Marijuana helps with weight loss: a study

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It is no secret that certain drugs and narcotic compounds such as marijuana often excite increased appetite and make people feel the need to consume more food – as well as various snacks that are fairly high in calories. However, a new study from specialists at Michigan State University has shown that smoking marijuana, in most cases, on the contrary, leads to less weight gain, despite an increased appetite. Experts came to such conclusions by analyzing a fairly wide research base of cannabis consumers.

It should be noted that we are talking specifically about the database of recipients, compiled by experts and statisticians from the National Epidemiological Survey on alcohol and drug symptoms – and there was collected a fairly impressive base of more than 33,000 patients aged 18 years and above in the United States. According to subsequent comparative studies between different cannabis recipients in this category, on average, cannabinoid users were two pounds lighter than those who did not consume them.

In this case, a 15% reduced chance of finding a person with signs of obesity among those who systematically use marijuana was registered. Despite the fact that so far experts are not in a hurry to publicize one or another reason why such a relationship is observed, the preliminary version is that when people use cannabinoids and increase their appetite, so-called “consumption jumps” are observed in which it becomes easier to control food intake.

Of course, such an explanation still needs some additional points and evidence, but the results of his research demonstrate roughly the same thing that was achieved in similar, earlier studies related to the question of why cannabinoid use leads to a constant lower weight. . However, scientists do not advise to resort to marijuana in order to systematically lose weight.

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