Marijuana can help treat heroin addiction

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Treatment of drug addiction and craving for drugs among former drug addicts in general causes many problems and difficulties, especially psychological ones. That is why a team of specialists from the Icana Medical School today presented the results of its new practical research aimed at combating the symptoms of drug addiction among former drug addicts by administering a small dose of CBD – cannabidiol – the main component contained in marijuana. Despite the somewhat controversial nature of the research, experts, nevertheless, managed to achieve really interesting results and surprised the users.

Firstly, because previous tests on the effects of CBD showed that small doses of this substance actually reduce the level of craving for drugs and the physiological symptoms associated with it – but this was related to short-term effects. Now, a team of medical specialists, selecting 42 patients from among former heroin addicts, performed their experiment within a few weeks, dividing the experiment participants into two groups – for the first time in three days received a very small amount of cannabidiol, and the second – only a placebo with the same periodicity to serve as a control group.

At the same time, during the experiment, both groups were shown video materials related to drug use in order to provoke a physiological and psychological reaction. After the expiration of the experiment, scientists noticed that the first group that received CBD, to a much lesser extent responded to these materials without experiencing stressful physical and other symptoms.

All of this indicates that the active component of marijuana may be a new basis for drugs and preventive substances that effectively combat drug addiction even in the case of the most difficult patients who used heroin and other synthetic drugs for a long period of time. Thus, marijuana can be a truly effective response.

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