Marijuana and vaping form a destructive union: research

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Today, a team of talented biologists from the University of Michigan in the USA presented the results of one of their most interesting studies on vaping and e-cigarettes in general – they investigated the phenomenon of vaping of marijuana and smoking products containing cannabis. As a result of several months of research on the degree of influence of this format of electronic smoking on the lung condition, Michigan researchers concluded that smoking marijuana through vaping is the most dangerous form of such smoking, since it puts an increased load on the lungs and the respiratory system as a whole.

Of course, any kind of standard and e-smoking nicotine-containing substances is something quite dangerous and not quite suitable for a healthy lifestyle, but current research from the University of Michigan has clearly demonstrated that smoking cannabis by heating in vaping devices is even more dangerous. thing. Specifically, researchers have investigated several varieties of such smoking and compared it with traditional tobacco smoking, finding that, on average, significantly more marijuana smokers who preferred to pass it through a vaping device showed more indicative problems with work and self-ventilation of the lungs.

And this was the main idea of ​​the new study, which also showed that modern "safe" methods of vaping do not differ much from classical ones, representing exactly the same, if not greater level of danger to the lungs and respiratory system.

It is worth noting that despite such eloquent and revealing results regarding the effects of e-smoking on lung and respiratory health, Michigan researchers are not yet very quick to draw a final conclusion – as they indicate that the study may not have reflected some additional factors and features of e-smoking cannabis. In any case, we can say for sure that the current study is one of those that clearly prove the dangers and harms of any type of e-smoking in general.

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