Marijuana and cognitive abilities: a new study

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Studies of how exactly marijuana and cannabinoids in general affect health and individual cognitive indicators of a person in one way or another represent a rather ambiguous approach to the matter – at least because often in such studies scientists completely or partially ignore some other aspects related to genetics , sleep patterns and life characteristics of people who use marijuana in varying amounts and with varying frequency. However, today there is a new study from several US universities that clearly illustrates how closely marijuana use is associated with the gradual decline of a certain part of cognitive abilities.

The fact is that many previous studies have often focused precisely on examining how the systematic or periodic use of marijuana can affect the psycho-emotional state without reference to specific cognitive manifestations of brain degradation. However, the current study has clearly illustrated that even intermittent use of marijuana can lead to a noticeable decrease in the effectiveness of long-term and short-term memory – the team came to these conclusions shortly after conducting studies of several groups of people, some of whom use marijuana and some do not. …

After weeding out some of the third-party parameters – such as genetics, sleep patterns and diet – scientists have come to a fairly convincing conclusion that the systematic use of marijuana does negatively affect most of the cognitive abilities, including memory performance in the short and long term.

It is worth noting that the study itself should not yet be regarded as anything but complete, since, according to the researchers themselves, they included only middle-aged people in the trials, and younger or older people may have several alternative effects. memory with systematic or periodic exposure to cannabinoids, so it is worth waiting for similar studies soon. Research that could potentially clarify this difference.

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