Many people underestimate the effect of loneliness on brain cells

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A huge amount of research devoted to examining how exactly prolonged loneliness and social isolation affects human health, in one way or another, seeks to answer the same question – and how you can effectively reverse the negative effects of loneliness on the state of the brain. It is to this question that a talented team of neuroscientists from Mount Sinai Medical University tried to answer today, illustrating the results of their own study, in the center of which experts studied the effect of social isolation on different psychotypes of people and identified those brain cells that are most affected.

These cells are a special class of neurocells located in the anterior cortex of the brain in mice – since the study itself was primarily physiologically based on the study of the anatomy of mice, because it is in many ways very similar to human anatomy. Finding these as yet unidentified cells, experts carefully examined how prolonged isolation affects their development – and how they, in turn, can affect the development of a very different set of other cells.

It turned out that, in fact, prolonged social isolation and lack of social interactions among mice actually have a destructive effect on the work of most of the cells of the anterior cortex, which are responsible for the work of logic and emotional intelligence. Moreover, the researchers obtained similar results during the deployment of the second experiment, this time already directly related to people – the same results were observed there.

In general, prolonged social isolation is something really destructive for the emotional intelligence of people – these are the conclusions of the research team after a fairly long study of all factors and aspects of the impact of long-term social isolation on the mental and psychophysical health of mice and humans. However, as the team of scientists themselves notes, in the future she would like to slightly expand the scope of her research to include some hidden factors.

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