Mantis surprises scientists with its capabilities.

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Praying Mantis is a very amazing insect that, although it does not pray, as its name indicates, it certainly makes other insects pray, being one of the most dangerous predators in its ecosystem. Science has found many interesting facts about mantis, but the recent discovery of a new type of mantis hunting behavior in India has put experts at a dead end, as they have found that mantises of the Hierodula tenuidentata family can also hunt small fish – which was confirmed by one of representatives of the family, which for several days hunted guppy fish in one of the Indian ponds.

It is worth noting that earlier experts often said that mantises, possessing a really high degree of endurance, can, in principle, prey not only on weaker insects, but also on enemies larger than themselves – however, all these statements practically did not find their actual confirmation in the natural environment. What has changed recently, when a group of specialists noticed the unusual activity of one of the mantis in India – this predatory insect hunted guppy fish in one of the city ponds for five days, waiting for its prey, sitting on leaves above the pond.

Praying mantis caught fish with claws and ate them, which is an extremely unusual behavior, since not a single case has been recorded before that praying mantis hunt fish – excluding specially-induced human behavior. Thus, in the five days of his stay at the pond, the mantis consumed nine guppy fish. This indicates the presence of two things in the mantis – a wonderful night vision and excellent cognitive abilities.

Specialists judge the latter because the mantis left and returned to the same place – respectively, showing signs of intelligence sufficiently developed for the insect. However, it is worth noting the fact that almost every day the patterns of his hunting and movement changed somewhat, which may also indicate either a random factor or a pre-programmed behavior and adaptation of the mantis in the changing environment of the pond.

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