Mankai duckweed – the new food of the future

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The Mankai duckweed, which is one of the most common marine plants, can potentially be the real super-food of the future, because according to a new study by nutritionists from Ben Gurion University in Israel, it has a really impressive complex of useful trace elements and substances, as well as this type a protein that is practically inferior to chicken or egg. It was the possibility of using duckweed as the main component of a rich and low-calorie food of the future that was considered in a new study by Israeli scientists.

They indicated that the Mankai duckweed could in fact be regarded as a kind of substitute for traditional egg and meat protein – because the protein contained in it has almost the same profile. In addition, the Mankai duckweed contains a number of substances useful and essential for a healthy life, among which flavanoids, catechins, phenolic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and dietary fiber can be separately distinguished.

All this, according to preliminary research results, is a quite sufficient complex for the correct and harmonious development of the body – as was demonstrated during an experiment on the cultivation and use of duckweed in Israel. In addition, the process of growing it is very cheap and does not require the use of any particularly expensive active substances or tools in general, which is also one of the most important indicators in this context. Not to mention the absence of any allergic reactions.

It is worth noting that it is not yet clear how far the research and experiments related to the cultivation and use of duckweed will go, but it can be assumed that within the next short time, Israeli specialists will present a new stage in their experiment – since it is already becoming clear that the Mankay duckweed is one of the highest priority areas for study, especially in the most vulnerable and poorest regions of the world.

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