Magnetic ripple can improve memory performance.

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Today, neuroscientists from Northwestern University in the United States presented to the wider scientific community their long-awaited results of a very interesting study on the possibility of improving short-term and long-term memory in the elderly through special magnetic brain stimulations. Their technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation is one of the most promising non-invasive brain stimulations using low-frequency magnetic pulses, which, as proven in the work of specialists, actually leads to improved memory performance in older people – the experiment was carried out brilliantly.

The experiment itself consisted in selecting two groups of people – young and old – and then giving them certain tasks for logic, memory and attentiveness. Prior to making magnetic pulsations on the brain of elderly project participants, scientists first made a preliminary comparison and saw that the elderly group in terms of memory and attentiveness lags the young one by about 25%.

After transcranial magnetic stimulation was performed during five short sessions, the scientists again repeated the experiment with other logical and memorable tasks, finding that this time the difference is less than 12%, which is a very, very revealing and encouraging result. It is worth noting that in their desire to influence the hippocampus with magnetic pulses, the scientists initially stimulated the parietal lobe, which is directly related to it. Thus, the end result exceeded all expectations, showing a truly steady trend towards improved memory performance in the elderly.

It is worth noting that so far experts are not in a hurry to name specific factors and brain patterns responsible for this improvement – however, they continue to believe that it is this new type of magnetic impulses that becomes the most effective and interesting for this purpose. Thus, in the near future, researchers will certainly make new attempts to study this issue.

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