Low-protein diet can keep your mind old

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Today, one of the longest studies officially devoted to the review and analysis of various effects on the health of people who consume a certain type of diet is officially completed – it is mainly a matter of comparing the effects of the so-called Mediterranean APDQS diet and the DASH meat diet in the long term. The results of the study have already been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Neurology, where experts have explained how a diet with a low meat content in youth can preserve and even increase cognitive abilities in adulthood, with the potential even up to old age.

The study itself was conducted for more than 25 years and initially amounted to 2,600 participants with an average age of 25 years – they were divided into two groups, one of which mainly consumed a diet rich in meat products, and the second mainly consisted of seafood and moderate doses of iodized products. Then, participants passed special tests to assess their cognitive abilities after five, ten and twenty-five years. The results of the study showed that the group of participants that consumed a minimum of meat and more seafood significantly longer and better retained their cognitive abilities in comparison with a similar group, the diet of which mainly consisted of meat products.

At the same time, experts found that a group with seafood and vegetables has an average of 46% less chance of becoming carriers of various disorders of thinking and even exposure to various neurodegenerative diseases. In any case, the results are quite eloquent.

It is worth noting that such a diet, mainly consisting of seafood and vegetables, even earlier in similar studies showed something similar – it is particularly worth noting that the association between cognitive abilities and diet grew in proportional volumes as the participants in the experiment grew older, which in principle in theory, explains why the Mediterranean diet helps to overcome various disorders of thinking.

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