Lingonberry juice helps with high blood pressure

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It is no secret that some nutritional supplements and components can be extremely useful in preventing a particular spectrum of diseases – however, with regard to high blood pressure, everything is not so simple, due to the many side effects of such products. However, a team of Finnish microbiological scientists from the National University of Helsinki today presented the results of their new study on how lingonberries and lingonberry juice can be an auxiliary factor in minimizing high blood pressure – as demonstrated by the example of several groups of experimental rats that were induced by pressure.

It is worth noting that some similar studies have already been conducted, but to a greater extent they were aimed at examining how berry juice, in promoting with certain types of diets, can affect blood pressure markers. In the new study, the team of specialists focused exclusively on the study of the properties of cranberry juice polyphenols – special substances that are present one way or another in almost every type of berry – and which previously showed positive results in the course of the study.

Adding different amounts of lingonberry juice to the diet of three groups of experimental mice with high blood pressure, the scientists noticed that after a period of 8 to 10 weeks, such groups began to show noticeably lower peaks in blood pressure – and the more polyphenols they consumed, the fewer the peaks . So a new study by Finnish experts actually proves the great benefits of lingonberry juice for lowering blood pressure.

In addition, scientists also noted the fact that even when a sufficiently large amount of lingonberry juice was added to the diet of experimental rats, they did not notice any special side effects. And this may mean that, unlike many other foods and supplements that can lower blood pressure at the system level, lingonberry juice is also the safest for long-term use. However, scientists noted that they intend to conduct more research.

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