Life on Earth Could Not Be Born in the Ocean

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The theory of evolution is becoming the most convenient and comprehensive theory regarding the origin and development of life on Earth – however, the only question that the established theory of evolution cannot fully answer is the question of how life was formed from non-living components. And now the research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today presented their new hypothesis that, in fact, the formation of life did not take place in the deep ancient oceans, but in small ponds, thereby trying to contrast the entrenched oceanic theory with new facts and evidence obtained by research in defense of their new theory.

The fact is that, according to the generally accepted formulation, the first life on Earth originated in the form of amino acids in the deep levels of the ancient ocean – and these amino acids, in turn, were formed due to the high concentration of nitrogen oxides, which are considered the main catalysts for the transition from non-living matter to living. However, past studies often missed two factors such as the ultraviolet rays of the sun and dissolved iron compounds in the water of the oceans. The new theory of MIT experts says that in fact life on Earth most likely originated in the oceans, since the smaller the volume of water observed, the higher the concentration of nitrogen oxides in it and the lower the amount of penetrating ultraviolet radiation – and as a result, the chance of the appearance of amino acids is higher.

In addition, given the great depths of the ocean, the research team has doubts about whether they could cope with the development of life under such external difficulties, especially due to intense ultraviolet radiation.

It is worth noting the fact that so far the researchers are not ready to say something for sure, indicating only that their new hypothesis reflects a greater number of facts and previously established evidence in the context of the question of the origin of life on Earth. With this approach, it becomes really interesting to observe similar studies and research of this kind in scientific circles, especially since many other scientists are really interested in the new theory.

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