LG strides for OLED displays

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Not so long ago, the technology of OLED displays was so incomplete that there could be no talk of mass production – however, quite promising and interesting news appeared on the network regarding the successes of LG, which managed to achieve some significant technical improvements in this direction. In particular, with the opening and re-equipment of a new production center in Guangzhou in China, which focuses entirely on the production of large OLED panels, LG opens up a vast horizon of opportunities related directly to their subsequent development and distribution on the market.

In particular, LG Display specialists shared with the public the news that the new production center now has the ability to produce about 727 thousand units of OLED panels per year – or about 60,000 units per month. It is worth noting the fact that the maximum working size of LG panels has grown, now it will be 2220 × 2500 mm, which allows you to create large OLED panels specifically for huge TVs.

Despite the previous technical difficulties and nuances directly related to the operation of OLED technology on mobile devices, LG still managed to achieve the perfect balance between performance and picture quality on such panels – it is possible that by 2021 it will be LG that will become the recognized leader in commercial OLED panels, given the rapid pace of improvement that accompanies the development of this technology. On the other hand, LG has some other technical difficulty – increasing competition from other manufacturers.

However, it does not look like someone else could compare with the speed and quality of their large-sized OLED panels with LG – which means that there is still a lot of groundwork for their further improvement and refinement. It remains only to wait for the official statistics from LG, which certainly will not fail to demonstrate how far such a technology has advanced in general, despite the early problems that are constantly associated with it.

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