"Let the blind see," hearing

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Of course, they are very effective and can solve the problem of treating blindness in many cases, but so far are very expensive. Recently, Israeli scientists have proposed a simpler, but completely unique technology that allows you to see with the help of … hearing!

The patient does not need to operate, implant a camera or stem cells into the eye. The device, created by Dr. Amir Amedi, portable and very convenient for use in everyday life. It consists of a miniature camera, headphones and an electronic converter.

It is enough for the patient to connect it to a computer or smartphone, put on the headphones, after which the signals entering the auditory analyzer are transmitted to the visual one and allow to perceive the information. The device allows you to see various objects and even the faces of nearby people, to distinguish between letters and numbers, to read. The invention has taken its rightful place in the list of "miracles" of the medicine of Israel, and today it attracts the attention of the ophthalmologists of the world.


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