LEGO has created an environmentally friendly version of its designer

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LEGO, known worldwide for its unusual and extremely entertaining designers and other related gaming products, today surprises its users and potential trading partners no less than in the year the company appeared. Today, LEGO experts and board leaders have announced their intention to completely review quality and environmental standards in the manufacture of their designers and other toys. In particular, it was noted that during the pilot campaign, the first modified blocks will be made of environmentally friendly plastic obtained from specially processed sugarcane.

However, fans of LEGO designers should not worry about this, as changes in the environmental and technical standards of the company will in no way affect the compatibility of parts and their form factor. It is worth noting that in the framework of this campaign, the first blocks of the designer to be processed will be tree blocks and other blocks associated with vegetation – it is very symbolic.

As for the technical process of manufacturing new blocks, they will be created from plastic, obtained by processing sugarcane – this processing method allows you to end up with a much safer and more easily recyclable plastic, further increasing its duration of use. Along with changes in its environmental policy, LEGO is forcing trading and technology partners to retrain and meet new environmental requirements.

This causes some problems, especially those related to the issue of supplying new material – of course, in the long-term prospects of the company there is a place for the complete replacement of design blocks with new safer environmental materials, but it is still difficult to say how quickly the company will be able to do this. One thing is for sure – thanks to the revised standards of quality and ecology, LEGO has every chance of becoming the real flagship of robotics in the near future!

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