Larvae may become a new popular food in the future

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Modern studies on the question of what people will eat about the relatively near future, most often come to a fairly logical conclusion that as the number of people on the planet increases, the need for meat products will increase, and meat products themselves will not be able to satisfy all in volume. That is why many of the researchers offer various kinds of insects and larvae as a meat alternative to the future, indicating that their nutritional value is not inferior to meat, and in many respects this alternative is even more useful.

However, the main problem regarding the spread of such a diet in the West lies in the fact that most Westerners are not ready to incorporate the eating of insects into their food culture, they often find it strange, repulsive and even disgusting. However, Dr. Lawrence Hoffman, a food technology specialist at the University of Queensland in Australia, pointed out in a recent study that incorporation would be faster and easier if insects and larvae themselves are disguised as foods that most people are used to .

Or in the event that people do not need to kill them before cooking – in this way, an Australian researcher proposes to design something like pre-prepared insects as food. Despite the fact that such a concept is not new and not widespread even in the Western world, nevertheless it cannot but surprise in the totality of its factors regarding nutritional value.

However, taking into account recent statistical studies, such an idea will surely be more and more firmly rooted in the minds of future generations of people – both in the West and in the East. Of course, with all the available data on the nutritional value of insects and larvae, many Westerners are already demonstrating a fairly open position regarding their incorporation into their diet.

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