Lack of sleep can cause severe tissue inflammation.

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Night work or simply systematic lack of sleep can lead to quite serious negative consequences related to the health of the intestinal biome and the immune system – this is evidenced by a new study by an independent group of experts from the United States. In particular, the focus of the new study is the question of how strong is the relationship between systematic lack of sleep and the development of various kinds of inflammatory processes in tissues and organs. It turned out that the relationship here is the most direct, since lack of sleep can lead to a significant deviation from the normal indicators of the so-called circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm is a kind of natural biological clock that many organs and cells work on – in particular, scientists were interested in the relationship between lack of sleep and circadian rhythm disturbance in a particular set of cell groups. Scientists have found that a deviation from the usual rhythm in many regulation cells leads to the fact that some dangerous groups of bacteria begin to predominate in the human intestinal biome, which in turn trigger an accelerated process of the production of certain immune cells.

After conducting several preliminary tests, scientists found that such a violation entails damage to immune cells called lymphoid cells of the third type, which are responsible for the restoration of the epithelium and the fight against various inflammatory processes that may occur as a result of a violation of certain third-party processes in the body. Which was proved with the help of new experiments by a group of scientists.

They found that lack of sleep at night leads to a decrease in the activity of these immune cells, which, in turn, cannot provide the necessary substances for other regulatory cells that feed on melanin and serotonin. As a result of all this, a person begins to lack activity of these immune groups, which subsequently translates into a significant decrease in the effectiveness of the immune system, making it very vulnerable

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