Lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer's

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Various studies on the nature and characteristics of sleep, one way or another, reveal many interesting aspects and moments directly related to the development of certain diseases or conditions. And today, a team of specialists from the University of Rochester presented the results of their new study, devoted to the search for and the relationship between deep lack of sleep and the potential development of Alzheimer's syndrome – one of the most dangerous and rapid neurodegenerative diseases. And most interestingly, the results found concern not only the disease, but also some other consequences.

To determine and test their hypothesis that lack of sleep in the deep phase of sleep in one way or another leads to an increased risk of the onset and development of various neurodegenerative diseases, experts have undertaken a series of experiments on mice. They divided them into several groups, each of which was given various anesthetics. In a subsequent observation, they found that the greatest influence on the accelerated accumulation of malicious proteins in the beta-amyloid format occurs when they directly affect the glyphatic system of the brain, which regulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

But it is this area of ​​the brain, according to recent studies, that plays the most important role in the formation of a stable habit of the deep sleep phase, so its violation leads to too rapid accumulation of beta-amyloids, which, according to modern hypothesis of experts, play a decisive role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases , in particular Alzheimer's syndrome. However, in the presented study there are still many external factors.

Thus, scientists have come closer to a more complete and concrete understanding of how and what should be done in relation to counteracting the development of Alzheimer's syndrome and many other neurodegenerative diseases – however, the problem is to instill such a habit of the phase of deep sleep on an ongoing basis, and this requires certain efforts and concentration.

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