Lack of sleep and stress increase the risk of heart attack in hypertensive patients three times

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Chronic stress caused by problems at work and other activities is one of the most common factors that aggravate the physical and psychological health of any modern person. However, a new study, straight from the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, showed that systematic stress combined with a lack of sleep at night for people suffering from high blood pressure means a three-fold increased chance of developing a systemic disruption of the cardiovascular system, as well as long term to suffer the consequences of such violations.

In other words, the study focuses on the study of the real spectrum of the effects of lack of sleep and work stress on the body of hypertensive people. Experts who conducted the study collected data of more than two thousand people aged from 25 to 65 years and found that those who are hypertensive have about three times higher chance of developing a particular heart disease, or even become a victim of a premature stroke or heart attack.

It should be noted that the research itself lasted long enough and included a meta-analysis of previous research on this topic. Of course, prolonged stress and lack of sleep are dangerous for completely healthy people, however, in the case of hypertensive patients, the chance of developing heart disease is higher precisely because the stress state does not allow fast renewal of blood plasma, disrupting some other important internal processes of the human body. Especially for hypertensive patients, systematic lack of sleep in the presence of certain disruptions in the somatic nervous system is dangerous.

Thus, the illustrated results of the study are very eloquent in their essence, showing how stressful and lack of sleep can be dangerous for the absolute majority of modern people – especially those who work long hours and often forget about rest. In this sense, people suffering from high blood pressure should be more attentive to their condition.

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