Kidney delivery successfully carried out in North Carolina using a drone

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Today, representatives and staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center in the United States boasted more than impressive results on testing their new drone – or rather, the whole system of delivering human organs with a specially equipped drone. The focus of today's experiment was the delivery of a donor kidney for subsequent transplantation to a patient, which was carried out using an autonomous unmanned drone, controlled not only by standard navigation algorithms, but also through a new revolutionary system called HOMAL – necessary to keep the organ in good condition.

This test delivery with the help of a drone was made as part of a current campaign to develop special type of drone technology in North Carolina – thus, drones delivering human organs in a fast and efficient way are becoming more and more interesting and multifunctional. According to the latest report on the successful delivery of the kidney kidney, specialists from the University of Maryland noted that the delivery not only happened very quickly, but the organ itself, while in flight, was in no way injured, since the special HOMAL system maintained ideal health indicators.

This system not only evaluates the current state of health of an organ, but also regulates its temperature and tissue integrity, while working in a kind of tandem together with the navigation module of the drone system. It became known that shortly after the completion of the delivery of the kidney, she was successfully transplanted to a patient waiting for her.

Thus, the successful delivery and subsequent transplantation of the kidney demonstrates that delivery drones can be really useful tools for applied medical purposes – especially in those places and situations where it is difficult to deliver such valuable and fragile cargo using standard ground transportation. whatever the type.

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