KFC has promised to completely get rid of the use of plastic

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KFC, known for its unusual plans and programs to address some of the most prominent environmental issues that revolve around the use of plastic, today officially informed the public that, as part of its special project, it intends to completely stop the use of plastic accessories by 2025. Such a statement was previously made not only by the company, but also by some other companies, so the similar nature of the statement does not look too encouraging – however, as if demonstrating its serious intentions, KFC has already begun to gradually abandon the use of plastic drinking tubes and glasses.

It is planned that closer to the onset of 2020 the company will completely switch to paper analogues of its dishes and accessories for it – thus becoming the second largest company after Starbucks, striving to form its independent approach to preserving and enhancing the environmental situation in the world. Last summer, Starbucks management reported this, commenting on its intention to completely abandon the use of plastic disposable types of accessories, which is a pretty wise and forward-thinking decision.

Now, KFC is striving to provide its users and fans with the opportunity to contribute to protecting the environment and solving the so-called plastic issue in the context of the Earth’s ecology – after all, it is known that plastic is the greatest threat in terms of long-processed substances and materials that affect its subsequent application in various fields. Especially when it comes to the recycling of plastic waste.

KFC also seeks to promote and improve its own concept of paper disposable tableware, but this concept is still under development and for the most part is a fairly experimental approach. Be that as it may, KFC experts continue to look to the future, full of concern for the ecology of our planet and thoughts on how to correctly and quickly optimize plastic recycling.

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