Jule's Foods recalls its cheese products in the USA

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Today it became known that the food company Jule's Foods in the United States decided to carry out a control check of the quality and state of safety of its recently released as part of a new line of vegetarian products and found signs of salmonella contamination in some of them – mainly, we are talking about some types of cheeses, such as vegetarian and regular type. It is also worth noting that the company has already initiated a special program for the mass recall of these products from the consumer market of some states where these products are supplied – and the FDA has already joined this case to investigate the source of salmonella.

The fact is that it is salmonellosis that now plays the most noticeable role in the distribution and sale of food in the United States under different brands and brands, since such a threat is the most significant – and therefore it is hardly surprising that Jule's Foods became one of those companies that also experienced all the features of federal verification.

Initially, the company's technologists, as part of a special internal audit of the safety and environmental friendliness of their products, noted that cheese products produced under the auspices of cashew cheeses showed some suspicious signs of salmonellosis infection, which was then confirmed by a more detailed study. This is what formed the basis of the company's final decision to carry out a mass recall from the United States in order to protect potential consumers in several states of the country, so now it remains to wait for the final results.

Given the fact that the risk of contracting the salmonella virus persists in most of these types of cheese products from various companies in the United States, it becomes clear that the US Food and Drug Administration will work in more detail on this situation in the very near future and will provide some additional nuances and details of what happened. In addition, you can be sure that the company will also work out some additional nuances of the study.

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