Juicing at Home: Best Practices for Health

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Making so-called natural juice at home is a rather indicative and popular trend that offers users a really good alternative to purchased and store-bought juices of various sizes. Especially when it comes to using any specific vegetables and fruits for making juice. However, not all common and often practiced home-juice making methods are equally interesting and healthy, because today a talented team of chemical engineering specialists from the American Chemical Society revealed which methods are best suited to preserve the health benefits of drinks.

Firstly, the team of specialists noted the fact that the task of making homemade natural juice, despite its seeming ease, is actually something really versatile and in some cases even difficult – in particular, because the user always needs to think about exactly what types of fruits should be cooked.

For example, in their latest study, a team of American scientists found that in general it is preferable to use so-called low speed blenders and extractors, which perform fewer revolutions over a large amount of time, thereby properly filtering fruits and vegetables, and avoiding parallel to the loss of useful vitamins and minerals. It is worth noting the important fact that this study is, in one way or another, built on a variety of third-party studies that have been conducted earlier, and which are rather indicative in themselves.

In addition, American researchers point out the fact that the choice of a suitable method for making homemade juice also depends more on the food preferences and contraindications of the consumers themselves – because if we are talking about the presence of one or another chronic disease, then it is best to abandon blenders and use only centrifuge-like mixing devices.

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