Joint wear worsens due to some corticosteroids: a study

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Today, a team of experienced pharmaceutical researchers from the School of Medicine at Boston University in the United States has released a new comparative study that draws attention to various pharmacological aspects of the action of so-called corticosteroid injections. These injections are aimed primarily at those people who suffer from various forms of arthritis and osteoarthritis in the knee and femoral zone, who often experience fairly strong pain and relieve them using the indicated corticosteroids. Despite the fact that, in general, such drugs were considered safe, in fact they have a much wider range of side effects.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the cartilage, in which this same cartilage between the bones wears out faster than usual and causes severe pain. Scientists have been able to identify that a number of the most used and common corticosteroid drugs can actually be more dangerous for most patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints, as new clinical tests have revealed a definite relationship between their effect on even more accelerated wear of cartilage.

It is not yet clear what the morphology of such a process is, but according to preliminary conclusions, this causes the presence of some active substances added to drugs of this level. And we are talking not only about fairly cheap counterparts, but also about expensive options that can be really problematic. So far, Boston researchers continue to analyze the results.

However, the head of the research team notes that perhaps the results obtained have a certain degree of error in the context of studying the difference between the effect on joints of expensive and cheap corticosteroids. But, again, the whole difference lies precisely in the use of specific active components that can change the drugs themselves at the structural chemical level, thus adding some new properties to them, or fundamentally changing the old properties already studied by scientists.

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