Joe Biden's administration is actively purchasing COVID-19 vaccine

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Today, the administration of the current US President Joe Biden issued an official message that by the end of the summer it intends to cover the entire population of the country with new vaccines against a new type of coronavirus from pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer – moreover, the administration of the US President announced that already in in the near future intends to integrate the first part of this plan, gradually purchasing new vaccines. Thus, by the end of this summer, it is planned to purchase and use a little over 200 million units of vaccines, half of which will be supplied by Moderna, and the other half from Pfizer.

At the moment, about 100 million units of vaccines have been purchased, mainly from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, but only 50 million Americans have been vaccinated – of course, for the general level and condition of the national health system, this approach and such numbers are not satisfactory, and therefore it is worth noting that An important fact is that gradually the very strategy of the American government in this sense is changing, framed into something more complex and indicative.

Today it became known that, starting in the first week of February, a new stage in the procurement and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will begin in the US national health system, and with each week the total number of available vaccine units should grow by about 1.4 million. which is a pretty good indicator in comparison with other countries. In addition, the US health care system will take a gradual approach to its expansion.

It is worth noting the fact that now the administration of President Joe Biden has really indicative and unusual plans for improving and finalizing the current situation with the procurement and distribution of vaccines against a new type of coronavirus, but so far one can only guess what exactly will be done in the near future for to make the situation even more manageable and under control in the context of prioritizing the distribution of a new vaccine.

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