Jeff Bezos announces the launch of a new campaign to save the planet

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Today, really unusual information has come about the intentions of one of the richest people on the planet – or rather, the richest person on it – to launch a special campaign to save the Earth from the potentially harmful effects of global warming and climate change. This is a new initiative by Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of Amazon and the space company Blue Origin, which announced its desire to contribute to the preservation of the nature and climate of the Earth to the extent possible in the conditions of modern post-industrialization and globalization. However, the size of this mite cannot but astound – as much as 10 billion dollars.

It is worth noting that this amount marks only the first stage of the deployment of this large-scale and undoubtedly difficult campaign, since Bezos said that the program is aimed not for one decade, and the funds themselves will not go to the accounts of private companies and corporations, but to the general accounts of various global environmental and energy projects, under the supervision of Amazon or with the closest cooperation with it.

Thus, Jeff Bezos surprised the world scientific community with his statement and became the most discussed figure of the current week – it is all the more surprising that the founder of Amazon was not publicly known as a beneficiary of various environmental programs, with the exception of several educational projects for preschool and school children in the USA and in Africa. Nevertheless, the scale of the new project cannot fail to amaze in this sense and offers something really interesting in terms of preliminary preparation of the project in the current decade.

In addition, details appeared that the program itself is aimed at meeting several needs and projects related to improving the environmental situation in the world – thus, it will be the first of its kind campaign that can have far-reaching positive consequences for our planet, which in fact, it is facing an increasing number of problems caused by radical climate change.

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