It turned out that doctors in the United States provide less medical care to blacks than everyone else

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Gynecologist with digital tablet comforting pregnant patient

Racism, as we all know, is a terrible thing that you need to get rid of in the modern world. Though everywhere, even at the legislative level, racial discrimination is prohibited, it still takes place, and it is present even in the most seemingly unexpected places. It is no secret to anyone that law enforcement officers are often too biased about this matter, which makes them more likely to charge people with darker skin colors. But who would have thought, in fact, the opposite organization is just as universally confronted with racism. We are talking about health care organizations. And these are not empty words, because suddenly a large amount of evidence has appeared that racial bias in medical institutions has been flourishing for many years. Thus, researchers in the field of medicine have determined that the "widely used" algorithm for predicting risk, preventing and treating diseases has a "significant racial bias." It was proved that despite the fact that organizations did not directly consider the ethnicity of patients, their emphasis on medical expenses clearly shows that both drug companies and doctors themselves often underestimated the medical needs of black patients.

More specifically, in the United States, a much more sick black person will receive exactly the same “risk indicator” as a healthier white person. There is no exact information what exactly this is connected with, but some say that this is due to the fact that doctors seeing black people immediately think that they simply can’t spend enough money on their treatment. and the fact that only 17.7 percent of black people in America receive truly full-fledged medical care, which they actually need. The following was also said: “If the algorithmic bias is completely eliminated, the number of black patients who receive full-fledged medical care that they need is from 17.7 to 46.5 percent.” Several methods have already been proposed at once, with the help of which the above algorithmic bias should be eliminated. One of the most potentially effective and working methods can be the usual change in the labeling of drugs. The bottom line is that today they are marked with prices, and this is very bad and greatly affects bias towards individual races. However, everything can change if the drugs are labeled not by price, but by the diseases against which they are fighting.

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