It has been proven that vapes are not much safer than regular cigarettes.

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FILE – In this Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, file photo, a man using an electronic cigarette exhales in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, the American Medical Association said it is calling for an immediate ban on all electronic cigarette and vaping devices. (AP Photo / Tony Dejak, File)

A few years ago a completely new product appeared on the market, which immediately became incredibly popular around the world. We are talking, of course, about electronic cigarettes. They became popular for several reasons at once. Firstly, it was really something new and unusual. Secondly, the vapor from electronic cigarettes is felt many times more pleasant than cigarette smoke. Thirdly, this device can help smokers get rid of addiction. And fourthly, electronic cigarettes are much safer than regular tobacco products. And the last of the above points is actively used by all vapers, without exception. And it would seem, indeed, that they are more harmless, and therefore there is nothing wrong with them.

However, massive diseases and even deaths of vapers around the world in recent months indicate the opposite. Be that as it may, as soon as the mod for electronic cigarettes appeared, the University of California at San Francisco immediately began a thorough and comprehensive study of such an unusual product. And now, only now, after three years, the above university published a report of its extremely long study. It says that any, even the most harmless vapes and liquids for them are directly associated with an increased risk of developing such serious lung diseases as asthma, bronchitis, as well as emphysema.

In addition to the above, electronic cigarettes are a risk factor for all kinds of other pulmonary diseases. Stanton Glanz, senior research leader, said the following: “We were able to find that all without exception electronic cigarette users have a significantly increased chance of developing all kinds of lung diseases, and to be more precise, by about a third. And this result is manifested regardless of whether a person smoked tobacco before or not. ” However, in addition to this, it was still noticed that this risk is especially high among those people who, in turn, combine both regular tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

In such cases, a person, firstly, has an even higher risk of getting diseases caused specifically by vapes, and secondly, the situation is aggravated by the fact that a person also significantly increases the risk of getting diseases associated with smoking ordinary tobacco cigarettes. In general, only one correct conclusion can be drawn from this study – electronic cigarettes are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, albeit to a slightly weaker extent. In any case, they do significant harm on their own, that is, their effect on our body does not in any way depend on whether we smoke regular tobacco or not.

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