It has been established that slimming food can disrupt the functioning of the heart.

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Scientists from Loma Linda University have found that the food people use to lose weight (animal protein) can cause a deterioration of the heart’s work and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

The study analyzed the state of health and personal history of 81,000 people. Approximately 60% of them based their diet on animal protein, while the remaining 40% used nuts and cereals. The results of the study showed that the first group had a much higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than the second.

At the moment, the cause of such a predisposition has not been established, therefore further clinical studies are being conducted. Scientists believe that this situation may be due to the production of amino acids.

At the same time, it is noted that it is a protein of plant origin that has a beneficial effect on the body, so such food must be in the diet. The more there will be, the less the risk of developing a stroke and similar pathological processes dangerous for human life. But this does not mean that animal protein should be completely excluded from the diet: the minimum amount must be on the menu.

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