Israeli company Redefine Meat introduced steaks printed on a 3D printer

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Many users have already heard a lot about the so-called "vegetarian meat", or vegetable meat – projects such as Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat are excellent confirmation that such meat can become one of the most visible and major trends in the near future global culinary market. So today we have received information from the very talented Israeli company Redefine Meat, which also develops meat based on vegetable proteins – its new project is a full-fledged vegetable steaks printed on a special 3D printer.

Such an approach, on the one hand, may seem like something very strange and not quite rational, but if you take a closer look at the technological process, it will immediately become clear that the future of vegetable meat may well be behind it, as the Earth’s population continues to increase, and the number food cannot keep up with him in its progression. Although the process itself is still hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, the Israeli team only notes that it allows you to create much more realistic in terms of texture and taste steaks based on vegetable proteins, while avoiding excessive waste of materials, chemicals and without any noticeable side effects.

In addition, a team of specialists from Redefine Meat noted that if the preliminary stage of the tests is successful, then it will release its technology for public use as early as the next 2021, and large-scale public tests of such 3D-printed meat will first take place in some restaurant chains throughout the world before you get on store shelves.

It is worth noting the fact that 3D printing technology has not ceased to please its extremely functional and diverse nature recently, and therefore there can be no doubt that Redefine Meat can significantly improve the technological process for making its meat, because it will depend on it the final attitude of potential consumers to a new product, which should not be overlooked in any case. (01.07)

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