Israel leads the global medical tourism market

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The report noted: great achievements in the early diagnosis of diseases, financial accessibility of medical services, advances in the treatment of cardiac and oncological diseases, a high level of treatment effectiveness, etc.

But despite this, many skeptics still believe that treatment in domestic clinics is competitive, and its quality level corresponds to the declared value. We hurry to disappoint you – this is far from the case, especially if you take into account the functioning of the medical system in the Russian Federation as a whole.

So is there an alternative?

Of course, treatment in Israel, in terms of the quality of the services provided, can be replaced by treatment in countries such as: England, France, Germany or the United States. As for Switzerland, a favorite group of Russians, we can say the following: we should not take the high level of service in Swiss clinics as excellent medicine, as most Russian nouveau riches do.

Moreover, in some areas of medicine, Israel occupies a leading position: the treatment of melanoma and the treatment of certain oncological diseases. Somewhere it is just among the first (cardiology), and in some it has a high level of development of the medical sector, like other developed countries of the world.

And, of course, Israeli medicine is a few steps ahead of the development of the Russian medical sector – this axiom does not require proof even despite the fact that some individual Russian doctors consider themselves to be competitive. What kind of competition can we talk about if the Russian Federation is not even a member of the OECD, and the level of the medical sector in Russia, as well as the decision-making system as a whole, leaves much to be desired.

Here are some statistics on the basis of which everyone can draw their own conclusions about the level of Israeli medicine:

Israelis have a longer life expectancy than Europeans (women – 82.6 years, men – 80.9 years);
in Israel, the number of doctors per 100 thousand population is more than in Europe (372/317);
infant mortality in Israel is three times lower than in European countries (3/1000 and 10/1000 respectively);
maternal mortality during childbirth of 4/1000 cases, 27 out of 1000 pregnant women die in Europe;
the death rates in Israel from cardiac and oncological diseases are the lowest in the world;
Israel’s health care system is recognized as the most effective, and so on.

Some achievements of Israeli medicine

Over the course of several years, Israeli scientists have transferred to the world their accumulated knowledge and discoveries, including:

a recently found way to treat HIV;
New methods in the treatment of tuberculous meningitis, multiple sclerosis and metastasized cancer;
the possibility of predicting heart attack on the hair;
advanced cancer diagnostics in the early stages;
discovery of extra-genomic recombination;
the creation of equipment for electrotherapy of the heart;
traumatic shock therapy and many others.

Also, Israel is a world leader in transplantology and biotechnology. At the same time, the country supplies the world markets and develops innovative medical equipment.

Israel's pharmacology is another significant contribution of the country to world medicine. The newest drugs for multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc. are being developed and delivered to foreign markets.

You can endlessly list the benefits and discoveries of Israeli medicine, but perhaps it will be more interesting for specialists. Undoubtedly, we can say one thing: the openness of Israeli medicine and the availability of its own innovative developments in the medical sector have allowed Israel to take a leading position in global health care.

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