Israel has created a pocket diagnostic device

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Apparatus for home rapid examination
How does the machine work?

And what just does not invent Israeli medicine and engineering for patients with various diseases? These are various remote monitoring systems, portable sensors and informants, automatic injectors and even a “home” artificial kidney in order to make the patient's life as comfortable and safe as possible, freeing him from frequent visits to the polyclinic.

This mainly applies to persons with chronic diseases, such as, for example, diabetes, hypertension, coronary disease, chronic inflammatory diseases of the organs.

Apparatus for home rapid examination

Recently, an Israeli company Life Watch Technologies developed a device for home rapid patient examination based on a modern smartphone. The owner of such a device, called Life Watch-V, can receive information about his health at any time of the day, whenever he wishes.

This information includes:

pulse detection;
pressure determination;
ECG recording;
determination of glucose (blood sugar);
determination of body temperature using an infrared thermometer;
determination of the percentage of adipose tissue.

How does the machine work?

The duration of the definition of these parameters does not exceed 30 seconds. The owner can read the results from the smartphone, or you can pre-set their remote transfer to the provider, family members, which is especially important, for example, to monitor a sick child or bedridden patients.

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