Invisibility cloak

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invisibility cloak

Admit it, at least once in your life, but you still wanted to be invisible. Go naked on the market – no one will notice! Wanted – invisible came into the house to the teacher and took the job tomorrow's control, and if necessary, and from the store shelf took what your heart will! Well, or left home at any time, even in winter without a hat, and no one noticed you!
An example of such a “device” could be seen by everyone in one of the Harry Potter films, where he wore a magic mantle and immediately became invisible. In real life, there is no magic (this is if you follow the convictions of realists and mundane people), but everything that is now considered quite real scientifically justified, when it was considered magic, just remember what little things a girl in the Middle Ages could call a witch and just burn at the stake .

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The idea to make such an invisibility cloak was created a long time ago, but scientists only sought partial “disappearance” of objects, now you can get completely invisible objects. In 2006, American researchers stated that they created material that makes large objects invisible. However, it turned out that they are invisible only under a microscope, and visually they are perfectly visible. In 2010, German scientists really succeeded in creating material that makes a thing invisible to the observer.
The same project involved British scientists David Smith and Nathan Landi. Their creation is a diamond-shaped screen through which light waves can flow, and not be reflected, as it usually happens. But this invention does not allow absolutely to provide invisibility. The object can be invisible only from a certain angle, and if you look at it from the other side, it will be completely visible.
But British scientists do not stop at this. Back in 2006, after an unsuccessful creation from American scientists, they promised that they would achieve great results in this area and work hard to make everything invisible: tanks and military.
No miracles – just an optical illusion!

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