Inventions of Israeli Radiotherapy Scientists

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New approach to radiotherapy
Inventions of Israeli specialists
Know-how of radiotherapy in Israel

Radiotherapy in the world of oncology in the treatment of cancer abroad has been used very widely as one of the most effective methods for over 100 years. Radiotherapy became possible after the creation of artificial isotopes by scientists Maria and Pierre Curie.

Radiation therapy for cancer treatment abroad initially began to be applied in Western countries and immediately showed its effectiveness, but the “flip side of the coin” also manifested itself – a general negative effect on the body. The method was constantly improved by scientists of the world, a new equipment and methods of irradiation were created.

New approach to radiotherapy

And today, radiotherapy is already directed, allowing it to be carried out without damaging healthy tissue. The latest achievement is the creation of installations based on linear particle accelerators, which operate on the basis of computer tomographs and provide the most accurate irradiation. In addition, modern radiotherapy can replace surgery to remove a tumor.

Cancer radiation therapy is a mandatory component of its comprehensive treatment. Naturally, any exposure is unsafe for the body. But as they say, of the 2 evils choose the lesser. Moreover, modern radiotherapy of cancer, used in foreign clinics, is no longer such an “evil”. New technologies of irradiation, built on the action of linear accelerators, provide exposure to rays with high accuracy and optimal dose, do not damage the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor or have a minimal effect on them.

Inventions of Israeli specialists

Israeli oncology is famous for the development of a variety of innovative methods of radiation treatment of cancer in Israel, the introduction of new technologies emerging in world medicine. These include SIRT technology (selective radiotherapy abroad), advanced radiosurgery technologies (SBRT, CK-MLC, Novalis, etc.). The most recent “advanced” and unsurpassed development was the True Beam radiation therapy facility, which opened a new era in radiation therapy for cancer. It absorbed all existing methods of irradiation, with the highest coefficient of its accuracy, reducing the time of irradiation by half and the number of sessions, almost minimized adverse reactions.

Know-how of radiotherapy in Israel

No sooner had the True Beam radiation therapy technology been introduced into modern Israeli clinics, as the arsenal was replenished with an even more advanced Mercy Beam radiation technology, jointly developed by specialists in the field of clinical oncology and medical technology. This is a fundamentally universal technology of radiotherapy, which has the highest accuracy of exposure, automatic robotic dose calculation, the ability to use various methods of exposure, and, most importantly, it is applicable even in young children. And another very important advantage of the Mercy Beam is the much lower cost of treatment in Israel, which makes it accessible to a much larger number of patients who need it.

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