Introducing Vitamin D Wristbands

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While it’s good for the body to get enough vitamin D in sunlight, it’s worth remembering that excessive amounts of vitamin D can cause a person to have more skin cancer, burns, and other unpleasant things. And some people are generally required to monitor how much ultraviolet radiation they receive every day, due to their skin and body characteristics. For this purpose, a talented team of developers from the Australian Technical University has created a really useful accessory that demonstrates the degree of absorbed ultraviolet radiation. They became a special paper wristband with faces-signals.

The wristband is printed on a 3D printer using a special phosphomolybdic acid, from which ink is made, outlining the face markers that appear on the bracelet. The bracelet itself operates as follows – being on hand, it monitors the level of ultraviolet radiation that it absorbs. Four smiling faces on it indicate the degree of acceptance of the maximum level of ultraviolet radiation – 25, 50, 75 and 100%, respectively. When a person receives an additional dose of ultraviolet radiation, the faces appear one after another, thus serving as a really convenient marker for determining what specific volume of ultraviolet radiation has already been absorbed by a person, warning him that it is time to find a shadow or even go inside the building.

It is worth noting that experts note that their development in general is designed for any type of skin – however, the bracelet may not work correctly for people with darker skin color, who can withstand more ultraviolet radiation without consequences.

It is worth noting the fact that, in general, the development turned out to be really unusual and extremely useful – especially for those people who have very sensitive skin to sunlight and who suffer from certain skin diseases associated with excessive use of ultraviolet radiation. So far, development is going through the final stage of its testing and will soon delight users with really excellent update results!

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