Introduces a diet that reduces the risk of chronic arthritis

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Many previous studies on the question of which types of diets affect the health of the heart and joints, one way or another did not answer the question of which of them are the safest in the long term – however, a new study of nutritionists from the University of Central Florida in in this regard has demonstrated amazing accuracy. The fact is that scientists were able to identify a type of diet in which the risk of developing arthritis and other chronic joint diseases in adulthood is significantly reduced, especially with some other related points in the field of personal health.

And this diet almost entirely consists of plants and products based on plant crops – in particular, on the basis of fast-growing and whole grain crops. It is worth noting that the new diet is opposed to those that are basically based on meat and dairy products, since early studies have repeatedly indicated that the enzymes and enzymes contained in meat and dairy products do not have a very nice feature to accelerate the development of the originally prescribed chronic arthritis.

It is worth noting that such a diet based on herbal products also shows excellent results in the context of the fight against such an autoimmune disease as rheumatoid arthritis, which is characterized not only by chronic but also by the very complex nature of its treatment. These results were obtained through randomized clinical trials in several groups of patients suffering from some form of arthritis.

At the same time, scientists noted that the most perfect and effective plant-based diet mainly concerns the systematic use of whole grains, such as wheat and barley. Thus, the new results of the study clearly demonstrate how important it is to switch to plant foods from time to time in order to avoid various problems not only with digestion, but also with chronic joint diseases, which can bring a lot of inconvenience closer to old age.

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