Introduced anti-obesity pill concept

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Specialists from the Technical University of Singapore, together with their colleagues from the National University of Health in the United States today presented a very unusual development called EndoPil – being an air capsule against obesity, the development, although it has the usual mechanism of action for such devices, but still boasts a unique system work. It is worth noting that the development of EndoPil itself is seen as something alternative in comparison with existing developments aimed at improving digestion and reducing the level of food intake, which allows people to lose weight more effectively.

The development of EndoPil is a fairly standard-looking air capsule that is swallowed with water and enters the patient’s stomach through the esophagus – once there, it is firmly fixed among the intestines and becomes open for control. And control is carried out with the help of a special small magnet held over the stomach and thus acting on the capsule itself, which allows it to be inflated and deformed.

In the process of this inflation, the capsule becomes larger in size, thereby limiting the free supply of the stomach – which is aimed at ensuring that the patient can consume less food in one go. With this integrated approach, the patient also creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which is an additional facilitated advantage when using this development. However, while the development is at the prototype stage and it is not known what technical form it will finally take after it is presented as the final commercial version.

It is worth noting that EndoPil is a very small capsule, whose use does not have any difficulties and features of a problem nature – however, development specialists want to further refine it in such a way as to make it even more reliable and safe. In addition, the commercial version of the development will certainly differ in some third-party aspects.

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