Introduced a New Type of Blood Pressure Test

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People suffering from high or low blood pressure often don’t know what to do in this or that situation, when the pressure rises or when it is necessary to decide whether to take this or that medicine. However, specialists from Michigan State University in the United States decided to approach this issue in a rather original and at the same time simple way, introducing the concept of a special blood pressure sensor implemented in a special case for a smartphone. An article with this unique invention has already been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Science of Translational Medicine, where the developers explained the features of their solution.

Experts noted that they managed to create such an interesting and multi-functional case thanks to the 3D-printing technique, and then built in a system of sensors that function in much the same way as the standard technology for measuring blood pressure through vascular compression. When the user puts a finger on the sensor – which, in turn, is installed on top of the special surface of the case – the sensor reads the pressure through the artery in the finger, and then transfers the data to a special mobile application.

The developers are still working both on the sensor and on the application itself, however, preliminary tests have already shown remarkable and promising results for measuring blood pressure in this way. Experts tested the technology on 30 people, where in 90% of cases the measurements were quite accurate even after the first touch.

Despite the fact that so far the design features and the internal component of the sensors are kept secret, it becomes clear that soon this technology can easily conquer the medical device market and help medicine itself in diagnosing various diseases. In addition, this will be a great help for the invention of personal medical gadgets of the mobile type, which would help people at any time to measure blood pressure and, knowing this correct information, make certain decisions related to the need to take this or that medicine or therapy .

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