Introduced a new biochemical method of combating obesity

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An international team of biologists today published a very interesting article in the scientific journal Nature Communications, devoted to the analysis of a new chemical compound, which can be a really great helper in systematic weight loss. We are talking about the so-called “biochemical cigarette”, as the experts themselves dubbed it, indicating that it is based on a nicotine substitute and a special molecule called ilicin. Together, they form the process of thermogenesis, which causes the body to burn brown adipose tissue faster, so a person loses weight faster – and a nicotine replacement is necessary to suppress appetite.

Thus, this experimental biochemical cigarette can be a really effective method for high-quality and rapid weight loss in people suffering from some form of obesity. It is worth noting that preliminary tests on mice showed really promising results, which indicates the possibility of using serum in humans.

The compound is based on the ylicin molecule, which acts in much the same way as natural frost, causing fatty tissue to burn faster, and a nicotine substitute called dimethylphenylpiperazinium (DMPP) serves as a nicotine substitute that suppresses appetite – because the burning of adipose tissue contributes to its significant growth – thus, chemical agents work in a synergy format, not allowing the body to absorb too much, while continuing to make it lose as much of the so-called ichnevoy adipose tissue. Of course, while the connection goes through the verification phase.

However, specialists soon intend to move on to trials in patients suffering from acute obesity or the disease that causes it. One way or another, it becomes clear that the nicotine substitute does a double job here – on the one hand, it does not cause any dangerous side effects associated with the work of the cardiovascular system, and on the other it allows you to correctly adjust the level of glucose tolerance.

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