Intestinal biome health depends on childhood

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It is no secret that this or that way of life influences a person to a large extent – especially when it comes to connecting a way of life with a general level of health. So, experts from the Saint-Justin Chemical Institute in Montreal decided to do a special study, which was based on the desire to establish whether there is a relationship between a particular way of life in childhood and the subsequent structure of the intestinal bacteriological biome. In other words, experts sought to find out how this or that activity in childhood affects the formation of healthy intestinal bacteria – and the results of the study appeared in a truly surprising light for them.

The fact is that 22 children participated in the study, and the study itself lasted about eight years – thus, statistical data can, to one degree or another, correspond to objective truth. It is worth noting that each of the children had at least one parent suffering from obesity, and the attention of specialists was focused on identifying the relationship between a particular level of sleep and physical activity with a feature of the intestinal microbiome at a later age.

After analyzing the physical activity and sleep patterns of the subjects over the past eight years, the researchers concluded that those children who had active physical activity in combination with an adequate sleep pattern at a younger age, observed at a later age healthier intestinal microbiome. This means that these adolescents have a significantly lower chance of getting sick with something related to the insufficiently effective functioning of intestinal bacteria.

As for their parents, specialists specially selected those children who had at least one parent with obesity – thus, it becomes possible to further illustrate the difference in genetics between the parent and the child in terms of intestinal microbiome, as well as indicate which factors are the greatest in a way contribute to a change in the overall health level of this microbiome. Thus, physical activity becomes the most important factor.

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