Intermittent fasting can prevent tissue inflammation

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Fasting is one of the most traditional and common practices in almost any culture of the world, with the help of which people can improve digestion and regulate weight with increased efficiency. However, not all people can starve for quite some time, which leads to the need for some modification of starvation as such – the concept of “intermittent starvation” arose during which a person abstains from food only for several hours a day. A new study from the scientific journal Cell shed light on some of the features and benefits of this type of fasting.

The specialists who initiated the study, for a rather long time, observed several thousand patients, some of whom refrained from eating food for more than a day, and the other part was slightly less. As a result, it turned out that less than a day of intermittent fasting is enough to start the process of autophagy in the body – a process in which the immune system “cleans” old and damaged cells and replaces them with new ones.

However, research data also indicate the possibility that intermittent fasting can also have long-term positive properties, also associated with this process – for example, slower cell aging in general and a decrease in the specific volume of white blood cells, which are known to be directly associated with the risk of earning one or another inflammation, which is especially important for people suffering from stomach diseases.

Thus, intermittent fasting at this point in time seems to be one of the most effective and interesting ways to regulate cell division and aging, as well as start the autophagy process – however, the team of scientists has yet to carry out several additional studies on this subject, since there are still many outstanding questions lie on the surface. So you should wait for the second stage of the study. (27.08)

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