Intermittent fasting can help fight diabetes

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Intermittent fasting, recently one of the most notable trends in the industry of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, is becoming increasingly interesting and from a scientific point of view – the fact is that a team of microbiology specialists from the German Institute Deutsche Zentrum für Diabetesforschung presented the results of their research on experimental rodents. The focus of the study was on the relationship between the intermittent pattern of food intake and accumulation of fat cells, which are known to produce quite a lot of beta cells – and these beta cells, according to early studies, can cause the development of type 2 diabetes.

In order to establish the true share of such a hypothesis, the German experts conducted a series of tests on several groups of experimental mice, some of which were originally genetically modified in order to more resist diabetes. Observing them for a sufficiently long period of time, the experts were able to establish that intermittent fasting in some of them allows accumulating noticeably less fat cells in the pancreas, and thereby reducing the number of produced beta cells.

Further studies using different types of food at different times have shown that these beta cells can produce too much insulin, which inhibits the body's ability to respond adequately to an excessively large amount of absorbed sugar – as a consequence, those groups of mice that were allowed to eat at any time showed a significantly greater propensity for diabetes in comparison with those groups that were on a discontinuous diet.

The results of the study clearly demonstrate the fact that intermittent fasting and refusal to eat at a certain time of the day or for several days may actually have noticeable positive factors influencing the improvement of the general state of the body and the pancreas in particular. What can positively affect the health of the final person in the future.

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