Insects may soon become habitual protein foods.

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The future of our usual food in the form of animal food may differ significantly from what we draw in our heads – primarily because as the world’s population grows, our need for food increases, and the world food industry in its present form is unlikely can satisfy the hunger of all people. That is why a team of researchers from Tufts University today presented its comparative study regarding the use of insects as the main protein food, a kind of traditional meat substitute – the study, despite its unusual character, has a number of logical features.

First of all, because insects are easier to grow – experts from the university say that insects do not require the amount of water and light to grow in the laboratory, like meat of any type, and insects have a much larger amount and adaptive capacity that allows in theory, to grow them even in fairly difficult situations.

In addition, the research report of experts suggests that the consumption of insects in food will bring exactly the same – if not higher – indicator of protein in the diet, which is a really important component of our daily normal life. However, scientists talk about some other problems associated with the mass preparation and cultivation of insects – primarily with the ability to carry out systematic deliveries of insects to those places that are not too favorable for them. In addition, there is the question of the proper heat treatment of insects for human consumption.

In addition, a number of experts in the field of food industry raised the question about the attitude of consumers to insects – because they are not a usual part of the diet of Western people, and you will have to get used to the very idea of ​​the possibility of their absorption before the problem of mass hunger regains . So it remains to wait for the final review of experts.

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