Innovative method for diagnosing heart defects in children

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To accurately establish the nature of the defect, complex and highly traumatic studies for the child are carried out, including radiation, sounding of the heart and blood vessels. Even with the highest qualifications and skill of specialists, traditional diagnostic methods have an impact on the child’s body, especially when it is very fragile – in the first days and months after birth.

This complex problem was successfully resolved by Israeli specialists, having developed a fundamentally new technology for examining a child, which is not related either to radiation exposure or to intervention in the vessels and heart cavity. A new method for examining the cardiac cardiac MRI, like MRI, is tomographic and has benefits. Firstly, in its accuracy, it is not only not inferior to an MRI, but also exceeds it. Secondly, it takes less time to conduct it. And thirdly, MRI is not associated with radiation exposure, which is very important for a developing child’s body, but research is also being conducted in newborns who are several days old.

The principle of the device is based on magnetic radiation – on the properties of its passage through the tissue. It does not cause cell damage, and after exposure to a magnetic glade, there are no adverse reactions and complications. MRI allows you to study in detail the structure of the heart and large vessels, and even determine the functional ability of the myocardium, the state of its blood circulation. If necessary, it is possible to conduct multiple follow-up examinations of young patients without any harm to their health.


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