Innovations in the diagnosis of cancer

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Screening of patients using molecular genetic studies
Caris Molecular Intelligence Method – read more

Screening of patients using molecular genetic studies

The essence of the method consists in the advanced genetic analysis, as well as the analysis of proteins of a specific type of cancer, the Caris Molecular Intelligence method makes it possible to obtain a molecular "print" of a tumor.

Also, the Caris Molecular Intelligence method allows to identify biomarkers – cellular components of the tumor, which, when combined, are involved in the formation of this unique "fingerprint". Then this imprint is compared with the samples published in the special medical literature, which are indicated in the MI Profile Report.

Such a conclusion will provide invaluable assistance to the attending physician, and will help with the definition and prescription of a treatment program – which drugs are best used for this type of tumor, and which ones should be avoided. Also, these data can be used when choosing a treatment method, taking into account the general condition of the patient and his specific features.

Caris Molecular Intelligence Method – read more

Caris Molecular Intelligence methods involve tumor profiling using numerous techniques to study the patient's biomarkers in detail. Specialists and the attending physician use technology. Which is used to obtain evidence that is published in the medical literature. These include immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescent hybridization (FISH), chromogenic hybridization (CISH), and sequencing of a new generation.

The data is taken, these are the results of the patient’s sample studies, data on the medicinal preparations used or not, clinical data and factual data are collected in a generalized and simplified form, which, for interpretation, are presented in the conclusion itself. The conclusion itself is sent to your doctor.

This method of study Caris Molecular Intelligence is used in the study of tumor tissue, taken using a biopsy or surgical removal of tissue. It is advisable to select the most "fresh" tissue or tumor sample for the study, as under the influence of drugs, the biomarkers of the tumor can be affected. In the event that it is not possible to obtain a new sample, the older, most suitable one is used. In cases where the attending physician does not consider it necessary or necessary to conduct a study using the methods of Caris Molecular Intelligence at the moment, then as a rule, in the hospital where the patient had a biopsy should be stored sections of tissue that were taken for analysis. At any time, now or in the future, the attending physician may contact Caris Life Sciences, indicating which hospital the tissue samples are in, and a series of studies will be carried out using the Caris Molecular Intelligence method.

This research method – Caris Molecular Intelligence Service, is used for almost all types of tumors that have a solid foundation, but as a rule this method is used and recommended by doctors when other standard examination methods did not produce results or were ineffective. Also, this method is applicable to obtain more detailed information about the nature and specification of the tumor when using standard methods of examination.

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