Indicated a diet that improves the condition of intestinal bacteria

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With the advent of middle age, many people begin to experience various cognitive problems, ranging from the deterioration of short-term memory to more noticeable and serious ones. In order to prevent this age tendency, specialists from Cork University in Ireland have long been conducting their unusual study, which focuses on the relationship of certain intestinal bacteria and cognitive functions of the brain in mature people. That is why the team of specialists today released a report on the results of their observation, which simply cannot but be interesting and revealing.

"Positive" intestinal bacteria are groups of bacteria in the intestinal environment that carry out normal regulatory processes of metabolism and assimilation of various elements – in addition, they themselves to some extent affect the improvement of the brain, as the researcher noted. However, over time and increasing age, a person begins to experience changes in his intestinal biome, which is associated with the degradation of positive bacteria and an increase in the number of negative ones.

That is why Irish experts have proposed inulin as the main factor in opposing this process – a special type of non-digestible fiber found in many plants, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which is a fairly powerful probiotic. Preliminary tests in mice have shown that its inclusion in the diet significantly reduces intestinal inflammation.

This means that this probiotic helps positive and beneficial intestinal bacteria to continue to grow and multiply – which is associated with a number of factors and features. However, for now, scientists are interested in conducting some additional research on this topic and illustrating other potential clues regarding intestinal bacteria and cognitive functions.

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