In the US, the FDA has again recalled edible mushrooms

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Today it became known that the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States has issued a new warning report regarding the need to temporarily stop buying and eating mushrooms produced under the brand name Golden Medal Mushrooms, since it established the fact of the presence of a rather dangerous pathogen in them. of the Listeria family, which causes listeriosis. This viral disease is characterized by many unpleasant and dangerous symptoms, including diarrhea, inflammation of the intestines and some other issues, and therefore now the representatives of the FDA have decided to protect as many users as possible.

It is worth noting that this recall is already the second this week, as a similar massive recall of mushrooms sold under the auspices of some other local companies in the United States was carried out at the beginning of the week, under the same suspicion of listeriosis, which were then confirmed. So in the case of mushrooms sold under the Golden Medal Mushrooms trademark, the situation was exactly the same, because then the company's technologists performed a large-scale check of the chemical state and characteristics of the mushrooms sold, in fact, revealing the presence of a dangerous pathogen in many lots.

For the most part, we are talking about mushrooms sold in cans of 200 grams each, so the process of recalling these products has become really simple and quite fast. Now a separate team of technologists is working to prevent the distribution of additional lots with a different marking and a different volume on the market, since this may also be associated with a certain degree of danger to consumers.

In general, we can say that the threat of listeriosis currently prevails in the United States, since among all other food problems and pathogens, it is he who has become the most common. It can be assumed that in the very near future the team of research technologists from Golden Medal Mushrooms will present some additional points and aspects regarding the current state of mushrooms in the US market – especially since the lots poisoned with listeriosis have already reached the local markets of several states of the country.

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